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Gas and Boiler Leaks

Today, you are likely to run your home central heating system using a gas boiler. Over the last four decades, the use of gas boiler has been in the ascendency for domestic heating but that wasn't the case before. For instance, in 1970, less than 40% of homes in the United Kingdom used gas boilers. That changed when newly discovered United Kingdom natural gas offered a solution for clean air and affordable domestic heating. Currently, approximately 83% (about 23 million properties) of the properties in United Kingdom used the natural gas boilers. That means homeowners and other property owners should understand the implications of gas and boiler leaks.

Keeping your boiler functional and efficient requires more maintenance and a diligence than any other home heating option. Old boilers can develop complicated issues and one of these issues is leaking. There are so many reasons your boiler might be leaking. These include;

Pressure issues: A boiler is usually fitted with that special outlet pipe. This pipe allows the excess pressure inside the boiler to escape. While occasional small drops are normal with a boiler, if you notice your boiler is leaking, then, pressure could be the main problem. Consider contacting Eco Efficient the moment you notice your boiler is leaking so that our experts can diagnose the problem and the fix it in time.

Damaged seals: If your boiler isn't properly sealed, the chances are that it will start leaking as the excess water can explain as came through the damaged seal. Our experts will examine the boiler sealing mechanism and determine if improper ceiling could be the major cause of leaking.

Other causes of leaky boilers include cracks in the body and loose joints.  Regardless the nature of the cause of leaking in your boiler, our experts will diagnose the main course and then fix it once and for all. This will help in minimizing energy loss and increase the efficiency of the boiler. Keep in mind that an efficient boiler reduces the annual heating expenses significantly.

Gas leaks are also dangerous to any home or property. When natural gas gets exposed to fire, a violent explosion is inevitable. Such explosions, can lead to death if there were people inside the house when the guys exploded. Besides, the explosion can destroy property and lead to heavy losses. Eco Efficient can help homeowners and other property owners in Chelmsford to deal with gas leaks to prevent explosions.

You can easily detect a gas leak as natural gas has a funny smell. The moment you realize that there is gas leak in your home, get open all the windows and doors. You should also get outside and instruct everyone at home to get out of the house. Then, contact Eco Efficient for help. Our experts will advise you on what you are supposed to do as you wait for our Gas Safe registered engineers.

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