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Boiler Services

Regular boiler maintenance ensures that you have a functioning boiler all year round. It is recommended that you should have your boiler serviced at least ones in a year. Eco Efficient is your best option when it comes to boiler servicing. We have been providing services in Chelmsford for a long time thus we have gathered broad knowledge on all types of boilers. Our engineers will detect any potential danger and work on it.

Boilers, just like any other machine, require regular servicing. This helps in making sure that your boiler is always functioning efficiently. This reduces on the disturbance and inconveniences that come from a broken down boiler. Eco Efficient is your trusted partner in this. We have a resolve towards producing quality and reliable services to our clients. This has made us popular in Chelmsford and the entire United Kingdom.

A failing boiler causes crisis and chaos in your home. This is because a faulty boiler means cold showers and cold home. Because you cannot afford to compromise on the comfort of your home and loved ones you will need a trusted partner to service your boiler. Eco Efficient engineers are always able to uncover defects and repair them before they cause major problems. Thus, when in need of boiler servicing in Chelmsford call us.

Eco Efficient offers all boiler and central heater services. Such as:

Boiler installation

A boiler is an essential part of your daily routine. You will therefore need an expert to avoid poor installation of your boiler. Eco Efficient takes pride in offering you certified and competent engineers.

Boiler repair

A break down in a boiler is inevitable. Eco Efficient is your unbeatable option when it comes to boiler repair. We will have your boiler working in a short time

Central heater installation

A central heater is an investment in your home.  Due to its complexity, you will need qualified and experienced hands to handle its installation. Amateur installation of your central heater will mean regular disruptions as a result of malfunctions. Eco Efficient engineers are more than qualified to handle your boiler installation. They will ensure you have a warm home at a reasonable fee.

Central heater repair

A faulty boiler can be a cause for alarm. This is because it can lead to emission of carbon monoxide which is a poisonous gas. With more people claiming to be engineers you will need us. Eco Efficient is a vetted and registered company. We will identify and rectify any worn out parts. Our engineers are keen and careful. They will leave your central heater in a top notch condition.

Gas and boiler leaks

The urgency that comes with a leaking gas can cause you to panic. Eco Efficient understands this and has put in place a team of emergency engineers. They are trained and equipped to identify and repair gas leaks within a short time.

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